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Worried about your prostate disease? Afraid of major prostate surgery and painful symptoms?


Worried about your prostate disease? Afraid of major prostate surgery and painful symptoms?

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Sonablate® HIFU is approved in more than 50 countries worldwide and was the first focused ultrasound device to be FDA-cleared in the U.S. for the ablation of prostate tissue. This innovative solution for prostate diseases has allowed Sonablate® HIFU to become the industry leader in focal therapy. Sonablate is a minimally invasive device intended for precise planning and monitoring of ultrasound imaging and high intensity focused ultrasound to ablate prostate tissue. Most common side effects include pain and discomfort and urinary tract infection (UTI). Rare side effects include rectal injury, which may require intervention. Consult your physician to see if the Sonablate procedure is right for you.

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